What is Fund Recovery?

If you have dealt with a disappearing broker, forex withdrawal problems, or have lost bitcoin on a crypto scam, you most likely understand the importance of fund recovery. 

Whether you have a dispute with a merchant or broker or area dealing with a fraud whose managers seemed to have vanished, it is helpful to have a third party to help you with fund recovery. 

The fund recovery is usually complex, but it is more successful than many people think. The number of Americans who lost money to online scams has more than doubled from $1.5 billion to $3.3 billion from 2019 to 2021. Of these absconded funds, some are inevitably lost whereas a large number can be successfully retrieved and returned to their owners. 

The fund recovery process involves building a case with financial services that there should be credit card chargebacks or wire recalls. This case usually involves proving fraud and tracking down the scammers. 

Therefore, fund recovery includes communication with law enforcement, financial authorities, and banks. For this reason, it is a good idea to enlist the aid of a fund recovery service with skills and strategies for the retrieval of funds. 

Improve your chances of successful fund recovery by consulting with Fund Recall experts. We have combined decades of expertise and have proven techniques for negotiating with banks, financial authorities, law enforcement, and government bodies. We work on behalf of our clients to combat forex trading scams, crypto scams, and other frauds and have a proven track record of success.

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The Fund Recovery Process

The Fund recovery process has several steps. In many cases, these can be done during the same time period, since repeated negotiation is often required. 

  1. Filing a complaint
  2. Presenting a case to authorities
  3. Negotiation with banks or financial services
  4. Retrieving funds

Before fund recovery can begin, it is necessary to file a complaint. If one is dealing with a forex trading scam or broker scam, it is important to look carefully at the broker and discover who provides them with their license. 

This demonstrates why it is important to work only with regulated brokers. The job of a regulator is to provide oversight and security for consumers. Filing a complaint with details about what occurred to a regulator has a high probability of success. They are in a position to penalize a legitimate broker who is concerned about their reputation. 

However, many brokers who run forex trading scams are not regulated. This means that there is no regulator to approach with a complaint. Instead, a complaint must be filed with law enforcement, government agencies, and other organizations. 

When filing a complaint it is important to have all of the paperwork intact. This means providing copies of signed agreements, records of communication, and a timeline of events that leading up to the forex withdrawal problems or the crypto scam. 

The next steps in the fund recovery process involve communication with authorities, regulators, and banks concerning the progress in tracking down the scammers if they have disappeared. If those behind the suspected scam or the dispute are known, then negotiations occur between financial authorities, government agencies, and others.

Forms of Fund Recovery

Getting funds back from a broker, company or merchant may involve the following: 

  • Credit card chargeback
  • Wire recall
  • Crypto coin retrieval

Each type of fund recovery involves a distinct process. Most people are familiar with credit card chargebacks, which is the same procedure as used when a consumer receives a refund for a purchase made with a credit card. If you have unauthorized charges on a credit card, the bank which issues the credit card will most often approve a return of the charges on your card. 

In some cases, a wire transfer can be interrupted through a “fraud freeze.” This occurs when the person realizes that the recipient of the transfer is actually a scammer. However, banks are not quick to enact a fund freeze and the burden of proof is on the sender to demonstrate why it is justified. 

More often, the transfer goes through and the fund recovery focus will be on a wire recall to seek a return of the funds that have been sent through bank transfer. 

Crypto scams are a growing problem as digital currencies become a more popular way to pay for goods and services. Some of these scams involve bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly or they may ask for cryptocurrencies as payment. Many scammers falsely believe that crypto transactions are completely anonymous, but experts such as Fund Recall are adept at uncovering the identities of people behind these transactions.

How a Fund Recovery Service Can Help?

There is no doubt that the fund recovery process is not simple, although these claims are increasingly leading to full or partial fund recovery. It is worthwhile to enlist the aid of a fund recovery service to assist you if you have lost money to a forex trading scam or a crypto scam. 

Although some may want to go it alone, experience, knowledge, and connections can provide a significant advantage in the fund recovery process. Not only is dealing with law enforcement, authorities, regulators and banks combined is overwhelming, but there are also negotiation skills and connections fund recovery services have that the individuals may not have access to. 

Select a fund recovery service that is staffed with experts and has an in-depth knowledge about the dynamics of fraud, how law enforcement tracks down cybercriminals and the role of financial services and regulators. Fund Recall professionals fulfill these requirements and work on behalf of clients to help track down cybercriminals and retrieving funds.

Fund Recall Will Help You Get Your Money Back

If you have a dispute with a merchant or have been the target of a forex trading scam or crypto scam, don’t give up hope of getting your money back. Our experts are well-versed in the negotiation process and have the contacts and strategies that will succeed in retrieving your funds.

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