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If you make transactions with a credit card, you already have an idea of what a chargeback is. A credit card chargeback is just a regular transaction but in reverse. Meaning that you will get money back on your credit card as opposed to a transaction, which will show a debit or a charge.

Most of us enjoy the convenience of credit cards. They enable us to pay for goods and services without lugging around wads of cash. Unlike cash, if a credit card is lost, we can get a new card and even some unauthorized charges reversed. If your credit card has been lost and stolen and the company credited your card for charges you didn’t make, this is an example of a credit card chargeback.

Although credit and debit cards have many advantages over cash, there are a few drawbacks. If you pay for an item in a physical store with cash and you are dissatisfied, it is easy to return to the store, explain the situation and either get cashback or store credit. The convenience of buying online may be undercut somewhat by the negotiations required to get a refund in the form of a chargeback.

Sometimes it is easier to deal with merchants face to face. The somewhat anonymous nature of the internet means that there may be reasons to be suspicious of customers claiming they are entitled to a chargeback

The process of reversing transactions can be a lengthy one and in many cases, it is useful to have an advocate to help you negotiate a chargeback so you can receive all of the funds you are entitled to. Fund Recall provides these services and has the experience to persuade companies to release your funds.

If a merchant won’t release your funds,  It is important to do something today! 

Scammers work quickly and can take your money in a matter of days. Fund Recall works with people who have tried to work with legal authorities and regulators who are slow to respond. Our professionals will make the process faster. Consult with us now before it is too late! 

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Varieties of Chargebacks

A credit card chargeback may seem like a regular refund, but there are several types of chargebacks depending on the situation. These include:

  • Stolen cards
  • Fraud
  • Service disputes

The first type of chargeback has already been discussed above. Stolen credit cards can cause significant anxiety for the owner because it is very likely that when these cards are either missing or stolen intentionally, they will be used to make unauthorized purchases.

Of course, the physical card is no longer necessary to make purchases online. If thieves intercept credit card information, that is enough to start buying things with someone else’s data. People who seek chargebacks for unauthorized purchases are usually highly anxious and are grateful to receive a refund.

Credit card companies and issuing banks are eager to address these anxieties expressed by customers over stolen credit cards and information. Resolving these problems and providing chargebacks is another way of providing excellent customer service from the point of view of these companies.

When people receive their money back after having their information stolen, they are usually thankful. These practices reinforce customer loyalty and issuing banks and credit card companies have a vested interest in resolving these issues in favor of the customer.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with other types of credit card chargebacks. Legitimate credit card companies and issuing banks want to help customers who feel they were robbed by a third party. However, when the merchant is the one suspected of the fraud, for obvious reasons, they are less likely to agree to a chargeback.

In many cases, it can be difficult to determine whether not getting services or items delivered properly and in good condition is fraud or the result of an error. One way of telling whether a merchant is acting in good faith or is to observe how they handle complaints.

If they are defensive and immediately deny responsibility without looking at the evidence, that is an indication of a problematic merchant. Even after looking at the claim, however, the merchant can still refuse to provide a chargeback.

Sometimes the reason for a chargeback can seem obvious. For instance, if you order a red dress and you are sent a pair of blue trousers, if it is a red dress but it is ripped apart or if the red dress is not delivered at all, the reason for the chargeback is clear

Perhaps the merchant intended to deliver the appropriate product in good condition on time. Maybe they did not aim to deliver a decent product and are fraudulent. In the former case, a merchant will readily make a refund after looking at the situation. In the latter situation, the merchant is a fraud and you may need a third party to help you get your money back.

The third type of chargeback is service disputes. These can be more of a challenge than replacing credit from unauthorized charges or refunds for errors. If the merchant or credit card company does not agree to a chargeback, you may want to contact Fund Recall professionals.

What Happens During a Credit Card Dispute

In cases when the merchant or credit card company is unwilling, for whatever reason, to provide a chargeback, the dispute process can be lengthy and complex. Having the assistance of a fund recovery professional is essential for success, since they are experienced in the process and understand how to talk to banks and companies. 

When the customer wants a chargeback, they will bring their initial complaint to an issuing bank. This is the bank that issues the credit or debit card. The issuing bank should side with the customer, but this is not always the case, particularly if it is a disagreement about service. 

The issuing bank usually doesn’t go much further than confirm that the customer authorized the purchase and it conformed to the terms and conditions. They may suggest that the customer negotiates with the merchant to try to get their money back. This is the place where a professional such as FundRecall can provide guidance. 

FundRecall experts will consult with customers and advise them on how to handle the chargeback claim. They will ask for documentation and take the process from there, negotiating with the merchant’s bank in efforts to retrieve the clients’ funds.

Fund Recall Will Help You Get Your Money Back

If you have a dispute with a merchant and are seeking a chargeback, don’t give up hope of getting your money back. Our experts are well-versed in the negotiation process and have the contacts and the arguments that will succeed in retrieving your funds.

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