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The number and scale of unscrupulous parties on the internet are a cause of concern. Many fake financial services promise quick, easy, and huge returns with just a modest investment in forex, options or other types of trading. Intelligence reports are a way to research financial products before customers part with their hard-earned money. 

Many online merchants seem legitimate but are actually con-artists. eCommerce has grown substantially because of the increased time people spend online and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As physical stores closed, people who did not purchase items online before buying everything from groceries to shoes online. 

The increase in online purchasing activity has created fodder for fraudulent parties to create fake merchant sites that claim to sell products only to abscond with customers’ money and disappear from the scene or refuse to provide refunds. They often convince customers to agree to terms and conditions that deprive them of rights. Also, they may steal consumer data. 

Intelligence reports serve a dual function. They can help you determine whether a merchant or a broker is reliable to work with prior to signing any documents or making a purchase. They can also be created after you have already been cheated of your money and are trying to discover what happened to your funds and the identity of the players who engaged in fraudulent activity. 

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Scammers work quickly and can take your money in a matter of days. Fund Recall works with people who have tried to work with legal authorities and regulators who are slow to respond. Our professionals will make the process faster. Consult with us now before it is too late! 

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Look Before You Leap

If you are going to make a major purchase or invest a large amount of money with a broker, you will want to look behind statements on a brochure or website. They may say they are approved by the Better Business Bureau or that they have a license from a major regulatory body. 

However, talk is cheap, especially on the internet. More websites post fake licenses and extravagant claims than there are hours available to regulators to catch them and give dishonest parties reprimands. It is important to seek expert advice from agencies such as Fund Recall who know how to determine legitimate companies and brokers from fake ones. 

Consult with a professional before making a huge financial step and they will investigate the broker or merchant thoroughly. Some telltale signs distinguish real from fake licenses and testimonies. Experts and those well-versed in corporate language and legal terms can sniff out frauds quickly. Professionals can perform intelligence reports to validate credentials and find meaningful feedback.

When to Be Suspicious

Many consumers have an idea of what a scammy website or ad looks like. The graphics are usually rudimentary, there are plenty of misspellings and the copy abounds with grammatical errors. The text is riddled with exclamation points and all-caps, and may look like texts sent by grade school students. Merchants or financial services companies may claim to turn a $100 investment into $100,000 in just six weeks. 

Unfortunately, not all scammers are this obvious. Almost anyone would suspect that an ad or a website that fits the description above is fraudulent. However, many scammers are more subtle. Their website may look professional and sleek.

They have the right corporate lingo. They may have terms and conditions that seem standard. They could offer a money-back guarantee or a promise to refund losses on the first five trades. The company or brokers may even have what appears to be a real license. 

However, despite the appearances, there are some reasons to be suspicious and to ask for an intelligence report to check a merchant or a broker out: 

  • Extravagant claims
  • Licensing from an obscure location
  • Lack of communication once you  have signed up
  • Evasiveness when asked for details
  • Not responding to negative reviews on review sites

Transparency is one important indication of an honest company. There are many ways scammers can create false transparency, such as chatbots with fake names. There is nothing wrong with using customer service chatbots, but if that is the sole way customers can interact with the company, that should be a sign that something is wrong, especially if there is no social media presence. 

A good company or service should welcome customer communication on various platforms, such as email, social media, the website, and even chat and Whatsapp. A reluctance to be available is not a good sign, particularly since customer interaction is a solid marketing strategy for legitimate entities.

What If You Have Already Been Scammed?

An intelligence report may have been useful before you signed up with a broker or a similar service, but if that wasn’t done and you have already been scammed, it is not too late. Some signs that you have been scammed include at least one or a combination of the following: 

  • Unauthorized charges or transactions
  • Lack of communication
  • Refusal to release client funds
  • Sudden unexplained fees
  • A hostile or aggressive manner
  • Providing false or misleading information

If this describes your experience, it is essential to seek the services of professionals such as FundRecall. After an initial consultation, professionals will ask for in-depth information and documents. They will then dig deeper to investigate the merchant and the broker and can work to retrieve your money.

How Are Intelligence Reports Made?

Intelligence reports are drawn up by experts who have vast experience with companies, brokers, banks, regulators, and legal authorities. They also have advanced data-collecting tools to locate the information they need to find out more about the entity. They can identify false documents, forgeries, and inconsistencies that characterize fraudulent parties. 

Also, these experts can also trace what happened to your funds. Scammers tend to have a complicated channel through which they send customers’ money. This may involve money laundering or funding for illegal activities. Legal authorities are often the ones who carry out these investigations, but fund recovery experts can get the ball rolling to locate and retrieve funds.

Fund Recall Experts Creates Intelligence Reports You Need

If you want to examine a brokerage before investing your money or want to check out a merchant before making a major purchase, you may need an intelligence report created by Fund Recall experts. 

If you have lost money to a scam, we have advanced data to investigate the fraudulent party and can return your funds to you. Contact Fund Recall experts today and get your money back! 

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