Types of Fund Recovery

Cyber fraud is a growing problem. The amount of money lost every year to online scams has doubled in the past few years. As of 2021, American consumers lost $3.3 billion compared to $1.5 billion in 2019. As a result of these devastating losses from scams, there is a greater demand for fund recovery services. 

People who have lost money to forex trading scams, crypto scams, and other frauds may feel that their money is gone and can’t be recovered. However, more consumers are becoming aware of the efficacy of fund recovery services and the greater likelihood that scammers can be tracked down and money can be returned to their rightful owners. 

Although many of these scammers have advanced technical knowledge that allows them to pull off these scams and hide their identities, fund recovery companies match or exceed the technical know-how of cybercriminals and many have a strong track record of success in combatting frauds. 

Improve your chances of successful fund recovery by consulting with Fund Recall experts. We have combined decades of expertise and have proven techniques for negotiating with banks, financial authorities, law enforcement, and government bodies. We work on behalf of our clients to combat forex trading scams, crypto scams, and other frauds and have a proven track record of success.

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What Is Fund Recovery?

The fund recovery process is focused on retrieving money for people who have lost money to forex trading scams, crypto scams or broker disputes. This begins with a consultation, if you are using a fund recovery service, and filing a complaint. 

The complaint may be filed with a regulator if the suspected scam is a regulated broker and with law enforcement, government authorities and banks, or other financial services. This complaint includes information about the suspected scammer and the interaction between them and the victim. 

The fund recovery process then involves regulators, law enforcement, and authorities acting on the information provided by the victim. The process can take a few weeks to several months and involves contacting, negotiating, and providing evidence to several parties. Needless to say, fund recovery can be overwhelming for an individual to deal with and it is often a good idea to hire a fund recovery service.

Types of Fund Recovery

The types of fund recovery can often depend on the payment method used by the person filing a complaint. If a trader opened an account with a broker depositing with a credit card, for instance, they may seek a chargeback. People may seek refunds through credit cards, wire recalls, and cryptocurrency retrieval. 


Credit card chargebacks are usually not difficult if the issuing bank agrees. The issuing bank is the bank that issues the credit card. When you ask for a refund from a merchant and call a credit card company, for example, the claim goes to the issuing bank rather than the credit card company. 

An issuing bank will often agree to refund unauthorized transactions. If you report your stolen and then there are charges on the card, for instance, the issuing bank will refund the money. 

For the issuing bank to agree to a chargeback in a fund recovery case, they must either be persuaded that the charges are not authorized or that the victim was the target of a scam and they made the charges under false pretenses. 

Wire Recall

A wire recall is a refund from a bank wire transfer. In some cases, the transaction can be stopped through a fraud freeze. This will only happen if it can be proved that the potential recipient is perpetrating a fraud. The time frame is extremely short to prevent the wire transfer from going through, and what is needed in most cases is a separate transaction and a refund. 

Cryptocurrency Retrieval

The conventional wisdom is that blockchain transactions are anonymous. Although every transaction is recorded, the names are not seen. However, those who focus on fund recovery, such as Fund Recall, have proven methods for uncovering crypto scams and finding those who steal bitcoin from people. Technology and knowledge of the blockchain aids the fund recovery process. 

Intelligence Reports

Before funds can be retrieved for clients, it is important to track down the scammers. This requires a thorough investigation by law enforcement and government organizations. Intelligence reports provide in-depth information about the suspected scammer and the case. The purpose is to assist authorities by providing the information needed to find the fraudulent parties.

Crypto Reports

Crypto reports are like regular intelligence reports but focus on crypto scams. In-depth information is needed to deal with cryptocurrency scams. Crypto reports equip authorities with the knowledge to be on the trail of crypto scammers and can recover funds from the blockchain.

The Benefits of Working with a Fund Recovery Services

It is important to seek the aid of fund recovery services when trying to get money back from forex trading scams, crypto scams and other frauds. An individual can get lost in the maze of the fund recovery process. 

Professionals who are adept at the fund recovery process know what to expect every step of the way, how to create and adjust strategies, and have connections with regulators and authorities that can lead to a successful retrieval of client’s funds. 

Research a fund recovery company carefully before signing up. Some services inflate their credentials and success stories. Fund Recall’s team is comprised of experts from a variety of backgrounds and who have extensive experience in tracking down scams of all kinds. 

Fund Recall consults with clients and gets a full picture of a forex trading scam, crypto scam, or the fraud or dispute involved. We use our expertise and resources on behalf of our clients and improve the chances of a successful fund recovery.

Fund Recall Will Help You Get Your Money Back

If you have a dispute with a merchant or have been the target of a forex trading scam or crypto scam, don’t give up hope of getting your money back. Our experts are well-versed in the negotiation process and have the contacts and strategies that will succeed in retrieving your funds.

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