Can Fund Recovery Be Successful?

Every day, we come into contact with online scams. Most of the time, we bypass spam, false advertising, and notices of get-rich-quick schemes. Although increasingly, consumers are stopping, clicking, and checking out these fake deals. 

This has led to a dramatic increase in online scams. According to BBB, there has been a 25% increase in online scams since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many of the people who lose money to online scams give up hope of getting their money back. They may feel distrustful of fund recovery and feel that the people behind the frauds can’t be traced or they may feel ashamed that they got involved with internet fraud. Others feel that since they took a risk they may have somehow “deserved” the fate of losing their money. 

However, it is important always to report frauds to authorities and try to follow up with fund recovery. The more people report a specified scam, the more information is available to find the fraudsters and bring them to justice. Scam artists depend on a certain degree of shame about losing money to fraud and assume their victims will suffer in silence. 

However, it is necessary to stand up and be counted. Not only can fund recovery be successful, but reporting fraud can help stem the tide of forex trading scams and crypto scams. The best way of dealing with the situation is to contact a fund recovery service and start the process of retrieving your funds. 

Improve your chances of successful fund recovery by consulting with Fund Recall experts. We have combined decades of expertise and have proven techniques for negotiating with banks, financial authorities, law enforcement, and government bodies. We work on behalf of our clients to combat forex trading scams, crypto scams, and other frauds and have a proven track record of success.

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What Is Fund Recovery?

Fund recovery is a process of retrieving funds, usually for people who have lost money to frauds, such as forex scams or crypto scams. However, fund recovery is also an important process for those involved in merchant disputes or disagreements with brokers. 

The latter cases are often easier because the identity of the other party is usually known. If you want a refund from a known company or have forex withdrawal problems with a regulated broker who is a legitimate name in the industry, there is no need to chase down the other party, find their true identity or involve law enforcement. This simply involves negotiation with the other party, regulators and banks, and other financial institutions regarding the dispute and whether to refund the money. 

Unfortunately, most cases of fund recovery are more complex and deal with anonymous scammers hiding behind a fake company. They are also unregulated brokers who do not have the oversight of a regulator. 

These parties can disappear, seemingly without a trace and the first step to fund recovery is tracking them down. This may require the involvement of law enforcement, testimony, and evidence.

Why Fund Recovery Is Difficult?

Fund recovery can be difficult simply because it takes many steps and can involve many parties, such as law enforcement, government organizations, regulators, and banks. Since there are so many moving parts, investigations, and negotiations, the process can take some time, often several months. 

In addition to waiting, you may have to go over the case several times, file several drafts of complaints, submit additional documentation and take other steps. This will all be worth it in the case of successful fund recovery, but results can’t be guaranteed. However, you can greatly improve your odds of retrieving funds successfully with the help of fund recovery experts.

What Improves the Chances of Fund Recovery Success?

Although fund recovery is a challenge, the following can greatly improve your chances of getting your money back. 

  • Filing a complaint immediately
  • Having the right documentation
  • Understanding the process
  • Having patience
  • Demanding your rights
  • Using the right Fund Recovery Service

Time is of the essence for fund recovery cases. Reporting the crypto scam or forex trading scam immediately will make it easier to track them down. The reason so many of these scams insist that people act fast on a money-making deal is so they can get off of a social media platform quickly before they are called out. 

Other scammers may delay and draw out their services to avoid complaints and so they can get more money out of their clients. This is the way forex trading scams work. They will silence questions, complaints, and requests to withdraw money by offering new deals and false promises for additional deposits. Many people make the mistake of thinking they have to prove a brokre or a company is a scam before filing a complaint. 

However, it isn’t your job, but the regulator or organization’s task to prove cases of fraud. You can file a complaint even when you are at the stage of having strong suspicions a service may be fraudulent, and you have nothing to lose if it turns out not to be true. Sadly, it often is, and this is the reason to act as quickly as possible. 

When you file a complaint, gather as many documents as you can. Having copies of all email and text communication, any forms you signed, a record of transactions, screenshots of the website, and any research you did is helpful in the fund recovery process. 

During the process, it is important to be patient and at the same time, demand your rights. Understanding the fund recovery process means comprehending that it may take a while, but being sure to follow up on a regular basis. Being hopeful and demanding restitution for your losses will command respect and can lead to successful fund recovery. 

Working with the right fund recovery service is one of the best ways to improve the odds of retrieving all or part of your funds. Fund Recall’s team of experts is well-acquainted with the process and has worked on behalf of numerous satisfied clients.

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If you have a dispute with a merchant or have been the target of a forex trading scam or crypto scam, don’t give up hope of getting your money back. Our experts are well-versed in the negotiation process and have the contacts and strategies that will succeed in retrieving your funds.

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