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WinChargeBack is a fund recovery service operating from an undisclosed location and was founded by someone who calls herself Rebecca Goodwin, which is stated as a pen name. The website’s content is professional sounding with terms and conditions clearly stated on the site. The company claims to have an 82% success rate. According to the website, it has reclaimed 20 million dollars for 800 clients. It will not take cases of less than $20,000. 

The anonymity of WinChargeBack may be a disadvantage as well as its minimum of $20,000, but reviews of WinChargeBack online seem genuine and generally positive. Is WinChargeBack legitimate or a fraud? Fund Recall professionals have examined this service and have written this review so consumers can make informed decisions about fund recovery services. 

Fund Recall experts have extensive experience in the area of fund recovery and examining scams as well as legitimate companies and services. We counsel people who have lost money to forex trading scams, crypto scams, and other types of fraud.

About WinChargeBack

On the WinChargeBack site, in the “About Us” section, it is said that the WinChargeBack was founded by “Rebecca Goodwin (pen name).” It is explained that the identity of the founders and the location can’t be revealed because the founder once worked in the binary options industry, became disenchanted, and started the company to help victims of binary options fraud, forex trading scams, and other scams. 

WinChargeBack says they cannot display their real names and locations because there is concern about retaliation by binary options companies. Although it is reasonable to believe that there can be retaliation for going after scams, there are plenty of fund recovery agencies that do feel comfortable revealing the identities and locations of the company. 

Transparency is important when looking for a financial services company or a fund recovery company. Although the anonymity of WinChargeBack is not necessarily an indication of a scam, it is a disadvantage. However, customers are provided with emails and international numbers to contact the company if there are questions and problems.

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What is WinChargeBack’s Success Rate?

It should be said that WinChargeBack’s success rate can’t be confirmed. We can only state what WinChargeBack’s claims are. According to the site, Winchargeback has an 82% success rate. It is not explained how WinChargeBack defines as “success” but presumably its success is measured in actual fund recovery. 

WinChargeBack claims to have reclaimed $20 million for over 800 clients. There are some realistic reviews that indicate that this service does recover funds. The reviews are neither overly hyped up on the positive side nor overly negative and there are some mixed and realistic reactions. One client said they were grateful to get 40% of their money back but expected more and mentioned the 30% fee.

WinChargeBack’s Services

WinChargeBack clearly states that customers can expect, if their case is accepted, to get their money back fast. The site says, “Do you want to know how we can help you recover your losses in a few days?” The language can be tricky here. It can be understood as the service can help you in a few days or the recovery can take place in a few days. 

The latter interpretation is not possible in most cases. It is more like a few weeks or a few months rather than a few days. However, it is absolutely possible that the service can start to serve clients in a matter of days, but the language of the content is confusing. 

The consultation is the first phase of the service. Winchargeback promises to respond to forms within 7 to 14 days. When a visitor clicks on “contact” they are given a form to fill out with the warning that “due to enormous client requests, we can ONLY assist with deposits over $20,000.” 

This may or may not be due to enormous requests, but the minimum is more likely due to the fact that the fee is based on the percentage of funds recovered, and the company may not feel it is worth pursuing cases with small amounts. 

One consistent feature that sets WinChargeBack apart from other services is the number of facts that are stated upfront. For instance, WinChargeBack tells visitors that $20,000 is their minimum prior to their filling out a form and being rejected for unknown reasons, which is often the case. 

Also, instead of hiding behind an alias without letting visitors know, WinChargeBack openly states that it has to conceal its contact information and names. In addition, WinChargeBack’s terms and conditions can be viewed on the site. 

One thing that is troubling, however, about the terms and conditions is that it says service can be canceled for any reason. This is a justification used by some scam sites to close accounts and keep the money. However, if WinChargeBack does not take an upfront fee, this won’t be a problem. 

There are several plans available. The No-Win No-Fee plan takes 30% of winnings, but the advanced plan involves a $1,500 upfront fee and 20% of winnings. The advanced plan is recommended for people with minimums above $50,000.

Is WinChargeBack Legitimate or a Scam?

After examining WinChargeBack’s website, services, and reviews, we see some definite advantages and drawbacks. We recommend consumers do their own due diligence in the case of WinChargeBack before signing up. The reviews seem legitimate and realistic and mention pros and cons (but are mainly positive). WinChargeBack is proactive and responds to reviews. 

However, WinChargeBack does not disclose the names of the founders and their location. Also, according to its terms and conditions, it can cancel an account immediately. This may be a precautionary measure and not necessarily the sign of a scam but is a disadvantage for customers who use the advanced plan with an upfront fee. 

However, not all accounts require upfront fees, which is a plus. There is plenty of transparency regarding minimums, types of accounts, and fees. Some fund recovery services do not reveal these details until people sign up. The reviews indicate it is a legitimate service. 

WinChargeBack has some positive points but there is room for doubt. For other options regarding fund recovery, there is also Fund Recall. We consult with our clients and provide full transparency and guidance into the fund recovery process.

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