Trader Defense Advisory Review

Trader Defense Advisory provides guidance and fund recovery service for consumers who have been the target of scams or are involved in broker disputes. They provide information and services, including credit card chargebacks, bitcoin recovery, broker and regulator reviews and bank wire recalls. 

TDA offers a variety of services and has a mainly positive online presence, but is it right for you? Fund Recall experts have examined TDA and have created a review of its services. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the area of fund recovery and examining scams as well as legitimate companies and services. 

We consult with clients who have lost their funds to frauds or as the result of broker disputes and use our expertise and skill to provide fund recovery services.

About Trader Defense Advisory

According to Trader Defense Advisory’s site, TDA consults with consumers who have been affected by crypto, CFD, and forex trading scams as well as disputes with merchants and brokers. They advise clients on how to file crypto or forex complaints and give information about regulators and their ratings. 

TDA has a range of services to deal with financial disputes or fraud, including crypto, forex, CFD, and crypto scams. Their team creates intelligence reports which give a detailed account of the client’s experience with the broker or company along with research about them. TDA also pursues fund recovery through credit card chargebacks, cryptocurrency returns and wire recalls.

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Trade Defense Advisory Services

One advantage Trader Defense Advisory has is its broad range of services. Its team deals with different types of scams, a variety of fund recovery strategies and provides information, resources, and guidance to consumers. TDA has claimed to have recovered $15 million for clients.


Like many other fund recovery services, Trader Defense Advisory offers consumers a free consultation. This is basically a question and answers session in which TDA asks about the consumer’s experience with brokers and companies. This is the first step towards a full assessment during which TDA will evaluate the case and provide an estimate on how likely fund recovery is and the amount of time it is likely to take. 

There is a fee for the service, as with all fund recovery cases. They do not guarantee absolute success and emphasize that any service that provides an absolute guarantee of fund recovery should not be trusted.

Fund Recovery Services

Trader Defense Advisory offers credit card chargebacks, bitcoin recovery, and getting money back from brokers. Chargebacks are like refunds for credit card charges and are designed to give clients’ money back by crediting their cards. This involves negotiating with the bank that issued the card, whether the case is a forex trading scam or a broker dispute. 

TDA also helps clients get stolen bitcoin back. This process is complex because cryptocurrency transactions are apparently anonymous. However, TDA claims to have technology and methods to unmask these crypto scams and has stated that many of these cases of crypto complaint recovery have been successful. 

In addition, TDA also works with banks to refund money to clients. In some cases, they can do a bank wire transfer and urge banks to put a “fraud freeze” on transfers. These can be difficult for individuals to get, but TDA has experience working with banks and claims to have the influence and credibility to get this accomplished for clients.

Types of Scams

TDA works with most types of scams, including forex trading scams, crypto scams, broker fraud, romance scams, identity theft, and other types of fraudulent behavior. The site also features articles detailing different types of scams, TDA’s procedure for dealing with them, and what consumers should do in these situations.

Information and Resources

One of TDA’s main strengths. This site is filled with well-written informative content about scams. The articles and webpage content outlines the process of consultation and fund recovery and there is a thorough description of regulators as well as broker reviews. In addition, TDA has a full list of blogs that give consumers information they need before choosing a financial service and if after they feel they have been scammed.

Intelligence Reports

In addition to full recovery, TDA creates intelligence reports that clients can take to authorities to help them pursue the case. This enables law enforcement or regulators to search for the fraudster without having to start from scratch. These intelligence reports can give those pursuing the case useful information to catch the scammers.

Trader Defense Advisory in the Media

One thing that is impressive about TDA is its media presence. Yahoo, Benzinga, and other sites document the success of TDA. Fraud watchdog site, Fund Recovery Checker, interviewed Ronen Benson, head of information security at TDA about their process of fund recovery. 

When looking at fund recovery services, transparency should inspire confidence. One hallmark feature of scams is that the actual people behind services cannot be found and there is often fake contact information. The fact that a watchdog site was able to interview a TDA team member directly provides insight into the workings of TDA. 

It is clear from its internet presence the TDA is as focused on providing information and value to consumers as it is to make money through fees. This helps to validate TDA’s claims on its site.

Our Verdict on Trader Defense Advisory

Trader Defense Advisory seems to be a legitimate service that provides a free consultation, various types of fund recovery, intelligence reports, and resources and information to consumers. Although there is no guarantee that TDA will recover funds for all clients, it is reassuring that the TDA does not make such guarantees. 

TDA’s transparency, media presence, and validation from other watchdog sites make it seem credible. In addition, it is clear there are actual people and names behind this site. The resources and informational content on the site are as useful to those avoiding scams as it is to victims of fraud who are seeking guidance. 

TDA seems like reliable service, but it is worthwhile to research your options before deciding on a fund recovery service. In addition to TDA, Fund Recall also connects consumers to experts who can provide guidance about fund recovery.

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