Scam Rescue Review

Scam Resue is a service that plays an advisory role to consumers who are seeking information on how to avoid scams or what to do if they have lost money to forex trading scams, crypto scams, and other frauds. It is not a fund recovery service because it does not take on clients and pursue chargebacks and wire recalls. Instead, it provides referrals to those who are trying to get their money back. 

Does Scam Rescue provide reliable information to consumers? Do they refer people to services that are effective in fund recovery? Fund Recalll experts have evaluated this site and its services and have created this review as a valuable resource for consumers. 

Fund Recall investigated Scam Rescue\s services, website, reviews carefully and we have generated this review to guide consumers in their financial decisions. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the area of fund recovery and examining scams as well as legitimate companies and services.

About Scam Rescue

Scam Rescue’s website does not have a lot of contact information. It is hard to see where it is based or who is behind it. This is often a red flag, but if Scam Rescue does not directly take money from clients, as claimed by the site, it may be of less concern than for a fund recovery service that takes a fee. 

The content on the homepage is not well-written, however, the quality on other pages with actual information about different types of scams, methods of fund recall, and broker reviews are more professional in their presentation. 

The website presents informative articles such as “How to Tell if Your Broker is a Scam” and “What Is a Chargeback?” There are also guides on how to detect scams and what are the signs of fraud. The site also includes an extensive list of scam brokers with their contact information and a full review of their services. 

There are also reviews of regulators to familiarize consumers with the licensing bodies. Often it is just as important to look at the regulator as it is the individual broker and to understand what makes a high-quality license from a dodgy one. 

As said on the site, “This site doesn’t sell anything and provides information to help scam victims get oriented.” This is an example of poor wording, but it seems to be true because the call to action buttons such as “click to contact fund recovery experts now” link to another site. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this, because Scam Rescue openly states it is a referral service and that the main site is mainly for informational purposes. 

Scam Rescue also details different types of scams such as forex trading scams, crypto scams and binary options scams.

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How is Scam Rescue Different from a Fund Recovery Site?

Scam Rescue focuses on advising consumers and providing them with educational resources. It also refers them to fund recovery services that have a proven track record of success. These services do not usually charge a fee or pursue fund recovery but finds the best match between a consumer and a fund recovery team. 

A fund recovery service is intended to, as the name implies, help consumers get their funds back from an unscrupulous broker or another type of scam. No fund recovery service can guarantee absolutely that they will get their funds back. They can promise that they will exhaust every avenue, but there are too many factors to assume it will happen. 

One thing both of these types of services have in common is they usually begin with a consultation. These consultations are usually free, at least initially, and are designed to get an idea of what occurred between the consumers and the alleged scam or the broker. 

A site like Scam Rescue will go from the initial consultation and then refer you to a fund recovery service which will then pursue your funds. After the introductory consultation, the fund recovery service will do a full assessment of the situation, provide a roadmap for a solution, an estimation of the time frame, and the fee for the service.

What Others Say about Scam Rescue

Some review sites praise Scam Rescue for its transparency and wealth of information. The site states clearly that it is not a fund recovery site and therefore and immediately avoids creating confusion. Scams often operate through evasive statements or inconsistent information, and there is nothing that Scam Rescue can be accused of here. 

Other reviews point out that the information is useful and provides consumers with valuable pointers on how to detect and avoid forex broker scams, crypto scams, and other types of fraud. There are reviews of 34 brokers as well as detailed information about regulators that can empower consumers to make their own decisions about regulated brokers.

Is Scam Rescue Legit?

Our experts have examined Scam Rescue and have determined that it seems legitimate. There is low risk in the first place because it doesn’t accept money and mainly focuses on consultation, referral, education, and resources. It is a good idea to visit a site like Scam Rescue to research before choosing a broker or another financial service. This is a good first step to avoid forex trading scams and crypto scams. 

The huge number of scams makes careful research more necessary than ever. All consumers should do their own due diligence before choosing a financial service. It can be a challenge to determine which services are legitimate and which are fake. You need professionals who have a track record of success and who can help you recover your funds.

Fund Recall is a service that guides consumers towards the goal of fund recovery. Our team has vast experience in the financial industry and can help consumers reclaim their funds from scammers and unscrupulous brokers.

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