RexWealthRecovery Review

RexWealthRecovery is a fund recovery company that, according to the website, is located in the World Financial Center on Vesey Street in New York, NY. It claims to provide wealth recovery services for individuals and companies. It deals with binary options, crypto scams, and forex trading scams as well as other frauds. 

RexWealth states that it offers free consultation, claims assessment, fund recovery, and ongoing customer care. RexWealth’s website says it has a 91% success rate, but does it provide the quality of service consistent with its claims? Fund Recall has examined RexWealthRecovery and has come to the following conclusions. 

Fund Recall experts examined MyChargeback and have created a review of its services. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the area of fund recovery and examining scams as well as legitimate companies and services. We consult with clients who have lost their funds to frauds or as the result of broker disputes and use our expertise and skill to provide fund recovery services.

About RexWealth

RexWealth’s website says it is located in New York, NY. However, there is some doubt about who is behind RexWealth, under further examination. There are two different names in RexWealth’s Terms and Conditions section, including Dunde Wealth Recovery Group and Phoenix Advisor’s group. 

While some companies and services can be satellites of larger organizations, the two names on the terms and conditions can be not only confusing but can raise questions. 

In addition, the company says it is based in New York, but the web copy reads as if it was not written by a native English speaker, with phrases such as, “We have trained and skilled professionals under several skill sets,” and “there are so many hackers and complaints about hackers that the list is long and they don’t have the talent to close so many cases.” 

Although the quality of the web content may not necessarily be a deal-breaker, particularly, if the fund recovery service doesn’t claim to be located in the United States, but since RexWealth says it is based in New York, one would expect a website written in correct English. 

There is little information about what countries RexWealth serves and no specific details about the origins of the company and the professional background of individual members of the team. In addition, the site claims to have a 91% success rate without demonstrating how this number was arrived at, what is deemed a “success,” how many cases it takes on and the total amount recovered for clients. 

It also should be noted that on the website, the “news” section where one would expect to see RexWealthRecovery written up in the media, there are links only to its own blog. This may not be intentionally deceptive, and perhaps there may be confusion about what is meant by “news,” but in either case, it does not look professional.

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Services Offered by RexWealthRecovery

According to the site, RexWealth offers the following services: 

  • Free Consultation
  • Case Assessment
  • Fund Recovery
  • Customer Service

The consultation involves the initial contact with potential clients and RexWealthRecovery. The client asks questions and describes their experience with the forex trading scam or crypto scam or the dispute they have with a merchant or broker. Based on the information shared in this session, the customer may or may not decide to continue with a case assessment.

Case Assessment

This is a more in-depth version of the initial consultation and involves looking at the customer’s claim in detail. The customer will provide thorough information and a full account of their experience with the company, merchant, or broker.

Based on this information, RexWealthRecovery will give a prediction of the chances of success of the claim. They will also outline a roadmap towards fund recovery and would provide customers with transparency throughout the process.

Fund Recovery

Fund recovery companies usually provide various means of reclaiming funds for clients. Although the RexWealthRecovery website does not provide very much detail about this process, typically, fund recovery involves negotiating credit card chargebacks with issuing banks or pursuing scams by contacting regulators, authorities, and law enforcement.

The type of fund recovery varies according to the claim made by the client. In the case of a broker dispute, for instance, law enforcement may not be involved whereas they are definitely required in cases of forex trading scams.

Keep in mind that this fund recovery service, however, is not a replacement for legal representation. RexWealthRecovery stipulates clearly that it does not provide legal representation services and there is no attorney-client privilege with this company.

What Customers Say about RexWealth?

It can be difficult to determine which reviews are genuine and which are not. The fact is, many online reviews are fake and are either generated to help bolster a company’s reputation or to tear it down. However, looking at several review sites, our experts are able to get a general impression of how customers feel about a service. 

One thing that causes us to suspect reviews is when there are either five-star reviews or one-star reviews but very few 2 or 3-star reviews citing pros and cons. Legitimate fund recovery services usually have plenty of nuanced reviews citing good and not-so-good things about the service, but there were few of these middle-of-the-road reviews. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean this is a scam service, but it does mean that we couldn’t gather sufficient meaningful customer feedback about RexWealthRecovery.

What Is Our Verdict on RexWealthRecovery?

After examining RexWealthRecovery, our experts advise consumers to do their own diligence and review this fund recovery service carefully before using their services. 

There were several things that justified concern, including the two different names on the terms and conditions page, poor English on the website that claimed the service was located in New York, an unsubstantiated 91% success rate, and numerous apparently fake customer reviews. We suggest looking for a more reliable fund recovery company.

One solid fund recovery service is Fund Recall which retrieves money for clients and creates intelligence reports that empower clients to approach authorities with their claims. Our team also gives clients resources such as in-depth reviews that help them make the right financial decisions. We assist fund recovery from bitcoin scams, forex trading scams, CFD scams, and broker fraud.

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