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According to its website, MoneyBack is located in Tel Aviv, and due to inconsistencies on its website, it is difficult to determine whether it is 4 years old or twelve years old (it seems the content on the site was not updated), but according to another source, it claims to have been in existence since 2007. 

MoneyBack claims to offer fund recovery services for trading and investment scams and advises people who are seeking financial services. It offers a free consultation and has several international phone numbers so consumers from around the world can contact them. 

Although there are some positive reviews on Trustpilot and other sites, there have been some alarms raised about MoneyBack. Although negative feedback can sometimes be suspected as strongly as positive reviews,  we also found many inconsistencies on the website and the appearance of MoneyBack team members on similar fund recovery sites. 

These last two points may arouse suspicion, but is MoneyBack a scam or is it legit. Fund Recall investigated MoneyBack’s services, website, reviews, and warnings carefully and we have generated this review to guide consumers in their financial decisions. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the area of fund recovery and examining scams as well as legitimate companies and services. 

We consult with clients who have lost their funds to frauds or as the result of broker disputes and use our expertise and skill to provide fund recovery services.


MoneyBack has an attractive site and claims to have a team of seasoned professionals working on behalf of clients. However, the content contains inconsistencies and does not seem professional. 

For instance, MoneyBack in several places on the site claims to be four years old and claims that this gives its service the extensive experience to deal with forex trading scams. Four years is not a very long time, although it is much better than fly-by-night operations that are usually associated with scams. It is implied that the site is comparing itself favorably to the lowest standard in the industry, which doesn’t make much sense. 

On another page, the founder of, who is pictured with a shadow profile so his features can’t be seen, Amir Geva, says the company is 12  years old. Two other places on the homepage, MoneyBack is said to be four years old. The content obviously has not been updated consistently and the jarring contradictions are almost humorous. 

The organization of content on the site also doesn’t make much sense. Under “About Us” instead of the names of the team and the founder, there is a tab labeled “special  offers” which leads to “free consultation.” Almost all fund recovery sites have a free consultation, so this offer isn’t particularly special. 

The names of the team are in the testimonial section. As mentioned above there is no clear picture of Amir Geva and inconsistency about when the company was founded. After doing a search on Amir Geva and, we discovered that alarms have been raised about this person in connection with other scam fund recovery sites such as Payback. 

We did a search on the consultant for MoneyBack, Anat Samovski, and found her name and quote on two other fund recovery sites. Although she could be consulting for other companies, the same quote was used. Creating multiple decoy sites is one method scammers use to get away with their crimes and to make it harder for authorities to track them down. 

The content on the site is consistently odd with a report from one employee called “Luke” (why wouldn’t an employee use their real name?). He claims to encounter “hundreds” of victims each day at his job. These fund recovery services do not get hundreds of customers each day.

 “Luke” also says, “It’s not easy to fight against the financial authorities.” Fund recovery services work in cooperation with the financial authorities to track down scammers not against them. MoneyBack claims to be staffed with “lawyers, accountants and consultants” yet the content is low-quality and sounds as if it is written by someone with a very poor command of the language. 

For instance, the grammatical errors in the following passage undermine its claims, 

“We have experts who have both psychology and economy background, which allow them to combine efficiency and smart work and incorporate it into their day-to-day work.”

We looked at some reviews online of MoneyBack, but the positive feedback was often not substantiated with evidence. One reviewer claimed that MoneyBack charged a fee of “only” 7-35% on money recovered, depending on the amount. Some claimed the service asked for a “modest” fee for consultation when the site promised a free consultation.

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Is Real or a Scam?

After researching, we discovered too many issues with it and recommend consumers look for another fund recovery service. The alarms raised about the name of the founder and the fact that the consultant’s name and testimony was used on multiple sites should be enough to deter any serious clients. 

In addition, its disorganized, badly categorized site with poorly written content should also be a deterrent. There are plenty of fund recovery services that are ethical and reliable. It is worth doing research and finding a better fund recovery service.

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