FundRecoveryHero Review

FundRecoveryHero calls itself the “fund recovery experts” and claims to have reclaimed millions of dollars for clients. It seems to be located in the United States and, according to its website, it helps clients recover funds from forex trading scams, crypto scams as well as CFD and binary options frauds. 

Is FundRecoveryHero the right service for you? The Fund Recall team has examined this service thoroughly and the following are our findings on this fund recovery service. There are many similar services, some are legitimate and others are frauds. We have the skills and expertise to analyze this service and to empower you with the information that will help you find the right service for you. 

Fund Recall professionals have extensive experience in the area of fund recovery and examining scams as well as legitimate companies and services. We consult with clients who have lost their funds to frauds or as the result of broker disputes and use our expertise and skill to provide fund recovery services.

About FundRecoveryHero

FundRecoveryHero is apparently a U.S.-based fund recovery service helping clients deal with forex trading scams, crypto scams, and combat frauds involving CFDs and binary options. Its address is listed as 130 Chestnut St., Columbus Ohio. There are several international contact phone numbers listed on the site, but some of these are fake. 

We did a further investigation into this company and although we did discover it was registered in 2019 in Delaware as MB Hero Advisors Ltd, it was set up by Harvard Business Agent, which did not have any names associated with it. The fact that the contact phone is not correct combined with the lack of names to research is a reason to be suspicious. 

The website, however, is quite professional looking and the website copy is of a higher caliber than many of the fund recovery services we have examined. FundRecoveryHero also has YouTube videos explaining its services and procedures and a Facebook page. However, it should be noted that the Facebook page has many likes from users who don’t seem to have genuine profiles. 

It is useful to try to find hard facts from a fund recovery service about how much money they have retrieved for clients and how many cases have been successful. In the case of FundRecoverHero, there are statements hinting at success stories, but they are vague. 

For instance, the site claims “We have dozens of successes and millions have been recovered.” Although a detailed breakdown isn’t necessary, some supporting data should be expected when a fund recovery website makes a claim like this. Some, for instance, show a number of recovered funds that are constantly updated oractual cases with the names redacted.

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FundRecoveryHero Services

FundRecoveryServices explains its process but in rather vague terms. It outlines three steps:

  • Free Expert Consultation
  • We Build Your Case
  • We Get Your Money Back

We have broken down each of these steps to examine what is most likely involved in FundRecoveryHero’s process if it is legitimate.

Free Expert Consultation

This service is provided by most fund recovery services and it is intended to allow visitors to the site to ask questions about the service. They may describe the basic outline of the complaint and the fund recovery service will estimate the likelihood of success. 

With legitimate services, the conclusion is an accurate reflection of what they believe they are likely to achieve. However, with scam services, they are obviously more likely to predict success with cases involving more money if they charge a success rate based on a percentage of funds reclaimed. 

Be suspicious if you have a relatively small amount that is rejected as unlikely to retrieve or a large amount that is greeted with extravagant guarantees. 

There were some complaints with FundRecoveryHero that staff was rude and dismissive during a consultation when customers were asking for a relatively small amount. In one case, a reviewer claims that they didn’t answer any communication.

We Build Your Case

This presumably refers to the case assessment stage. However, isn’t just FundRecoveryHero that builds your case, but a lot of work is required by the client. To improve your chances of success, you have to provide a lot of documentation and copies of communication in the case of a forex trading scam or crypto scam.

There is some contradictory information FundRecoveryHero provides about this phase. On the website, they claim they are unlike other services because they will “keep you in the loop at all times” during the fund recovery process.

However, a testimonial featured on the site claims, “I don’t quite understand what FundRecoveryHero did, but…”  If FundRecoveryHero keeps clients “in the loop at all times” how was it that this client didn’t “understand” what they did? This may seem like a picky point, but it is very telling if subtle, inconsistency right on the home page.

We Get Your Money Back

This refers to the Fund Recovery service. There is a tone throughout the site that fund recovery is going to happen, such as is implied in the statement, “We get your money back.” There is no guarantee that the fund recovery process, including bank wire recalls and chargebacks will be successful. FundRecoveryHero pledges, “We won’t stop until we recover your funds.” it is hard to adhere to that promise, because in some cases, there isn’t anything more than can be done.

Our Verdict of FundRecoveryHero

Our team has examined FundRecoveryHero thoroughly and it seems that this is a service that consumers should be careful of before signing up. It is always important for consumers to do their own diligence, particularly when there are some red flags

The fact that the contact information was not entirely correct, there are no real names of people behind this company, there are some subtle inconsistencies on the website and unsubstantiated claims should give people pause before using FundRecoveryHero for fund recall in the case of forex trading scams and crypto scams. 

One solid fund recovery service is Fund Recall which retrieves money for clients and creates intelligence reports that empower clients to approach authorities with their claims. Our team also gives clients resources such as in-depth reviews that help them make the right financial decisions. We assist fund recovery from bitcoin scams, forex trading scams, CFD scams, and broker fraud.

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