Cyber Shield Review

Cyber Shield claims to be a fund recovery service that has an undisclosed location on its website, although sources have revealed that it is based in Tel Aviv. it promises to help consumers who have lost money to forex trading scams, binary options frauds, crypto scams, and other frauds. Cyber Shield claims to have a “fantastic track record” and its mission statement is “We believe in a safe more reliable cyber environment.” 

Cyber Shields looks at first glance like many other fund recovery services. However, there is missing information on its website that can raise some questions. We have fully investigated Cyber Shield’s websites, services, reviews and used outside information to produce this report on Cyber Shield. 

It is important to do thorough research on any financial services, including fund recovery companies, and this review is a useful tool to help guide consumers who are trying to retrieve their funds.

About Cyber Shield

According to its home page, Cyber Shield, like similar sites, offers to consult with clients and pursue fund recovery. However, not much can be learned about who is behind the website. One essential step in researching financial companies and services is to uncover who is behind the sites. 

Many reputable sites, for example, give the name of the person who founded the site and a list of credentials of the team. At the very least, there is contact information including an address or a copy of a license from a financial regulator as well as press and media mentions of the company. 

There is no such information about Cyber Shield. To be fair, this is not unusual and there can be some reliable services that do not provide this information. However, it is hard to trust a fund recovery company if you do not have any data to trace them or look into their criteria and past successes. 

Instead of information, for instance, the About Us page states, “We Are Living Breathing Struggle (sic) Against Online Trading Scammers All Over the World.” Not only is this not written in effective English, but it and other statements are not backed up. 

In addition, there are some all caps used, such as “…YOUR MONEY BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.” All-caps often connote yelling and are unprofessional, but it may not be clear in the minds of visitors what “as soon as possible” really means when it comes to fund recovery. 

Any fund recovery service should adjust client expectations. The reality is that not all cases can result in full or partial fund recovery and the process takes months or weeks rather than days. Although the content on this site is not as hyped up and exaggerated as in questionable fund recovery sites, there is a lack of clarity and a prevalence of fluff that can reinforce unrealistic expectations of those who are not familiar with the fund recovery process.

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The Cyber Shield Process

On a positive note, Cyber Shield does provide some information about different types of scams and their process. Visitors are taken step by step through a description of frauds. The visitor fills out a form including their name, phone number, and email. The site claims they will be contacted by Cyber Shield professionals in a few days. 

The free consultation begins during which the client will be asked about the identity of the alleged scammer, how much money was taken, and what happened during the scam. At this point, they may be asked for documentation so Cyber Shield can do a case assessment. The client will be told their chances of success with their case and will be given a fee estimate. 

Although the actual information isn’t stated on the site, Cyber Shield is said to charge on a case-by-case basis. According to sources, Cyber Shield offers a commission based on the amount recovered. It is not clear whether they ask for an upfront fee in addition to this.

Consumers should be highly cautious in cases where the fund recovery service asks for an upfront fee in addition to a commission. Some of these fund recovery companies are legitimate, but the consumer should do extensive research to justify that trust. Some fund recovery services offer two options: no fee without funds recovered but the commission will be higher or a lower commission with an upfront fee. 

As with many other fund recovery services, consumers can’t know how they will be charged until they have filled out a form giving over their email and phone numbers. Again, this is not necessarily proof of a scam, but it is worth considering the risks.

Is Cyber Shield the Real Deal or Is it a Scam?

After examining Cyber Shield’s services, website, and outside information carefully, we recommend that consumers do their due diligence and further research before signing up with Cyber Shield. 

Cyber Shield seems like it may be fine, but there are too many unanswered questions. There is no name or location associated with Cyber Shield. Consumers can’t find out the fee structure until they have already given their email and phone information. 

This isn’t unusual, but that isn’t necessarily a positive thing. Some services, for instance, will allow you to speak to customer service through chat or phone without having to give over information. 

Although Cyber Shield has some positive reviews, it is important to look at several services before making a final decision. Fund Recall is a reliable fund recovery service that consults with consumers and guides them with expert strategies through the process of retrieving their funds. 

Fund Recall experts have extensive experience in the area of fund recovery and examining scams as well as legitimate companies and services. We counsel people who have lost money to forex trading scams, crypto scams, and other types of fraud.

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