XTB Online Trading is known for its lower-than-average spreads. Customers have also commented on XTB’s thorough educational resources and attentive customer service.

XTB Online Trading

A complete investigation is a requirement for those who want to engage in online trading. Unfortunately, online investment scams are a billion-dollar “industry. Fund Recall understands this well and our team has decades of combined experience in the financial industry, legal issues surrounding regulations, and the methodology of fraudulent activity.

We are well-versed in the structure of investment firms and are familiar with the main regulators. Fund Recall knows which brokers have a solid reputation and which are mediocre or even scams. If you are concerned about a broker, talk to Fund Recall experts and we will conduct an investigation.

Year Created2002
Minimum Deposit$250
Product TypesForex, CFDs, Currencies and Indices
Products OfferedMore than 200 products to Trade

An Overview of XTB Online Trading:

XTB Online trading is the first brokerage house of its kind in Poland and was founded in 2002. It trades on the Warsaw Stock Exchange with the symbol XTB. This broker has been rated by Investopedia as Best Forex Broker for Low Costs. 

It also provides a variety of trading choices, including forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, metals and indices. It offers maximum leverage of up to 500:1 for non-UK accounts and 30:1 for UK accounts. 

XTB Online’s flagship xStation 5 is web-based and is also used with MT4 downloadable platform that is available in many other places. This broker is known for its lower-than-average spreads. Customers have also commented on XTB’s thorough educational resources and attentive customer service.

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Is XTB Online Trading a Scam?

Pros of XTB Online

Many clients are happy with XTB Online. Here are some of the benefits we have found when investigating XTB online compared to other brokers. 
  • Among the lowest FX spreads
  • Regulated by FCA
  • Protected Client Accounts
  • Customer Service

The first thing to look for in a broker is its licensing. XTB Online has a top-tier license from FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority. When researching brokers it is important not just to ensure that the broker has a license but that it is authentic and up to date. XTB Online’s license was found to be legitimate. 

XTB Online is notable for its low FX spreads. Its minimum spreads are 0.5 with no commission for regular accounts and 0.1 including commission for pro accounts. Clients are guarded against large losses with negative balance protection. It also offers clients 24/5 customer service complete with live chat and support from a dedicated account manager.

Cons of XTB Online

  • No U.S. clients
  • High non-FX spreads
  • No guaranteed stop loss
  • No backtesting or automated trade capabilities

One of the main drawbacks of XTB Online is that it does not accept clients from the US. This is because of regulatory restrictions against certain kinds of trading in the United States. Although XTB Online’s forex spreads are some of the most reasonable in the industry, it s non-FX spreads were higher than average. Cryptocurrency and CFD spreads in particular were not beneficial to clients. 


Although XTB Online does provide negative balance protection it does not provide a guaranteed stop loss. Many comparable brokers do offer stop-loss protection, and this absence is notable. Additionally, XTB Online’s xStation 5 does not have backtesting or automated trading. It is available only through MT4.

XTB Online Trading: Scam Warning Signs

XTB is legitimate, but it is still important to recognize the signs of a scam broker. A broker is probably not legitimate if they do any of the following: 

  • Falsifying their credentials
  • Aggressively demand more money from clients without proven returns
  • Verbally abusive and threatening behavior on customers service calls
  • Making unauthorized transactions
  • Urging clients to make investments they don’t want to make
  • Charging fees that were not agreed upon at the beginning
  • Refuse to release funds

How can Fund Recall help?

Fund recall  makes it our business to combat fraudulent brokers, investigate clients’ cases and provide information and solutions to people who have lost money in investment scams. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to pursuing investment broker scams. 

Our team has decades of experience in the financial industry and is knowledgeable about regulations. We will investigate your case, assess the situation, and provide a roadmap for pursuing claims. We successfully unmask scams and point clients in the direction of recovering funds. Contact a fund recall professional today so we can get started on your case. 

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