Is {broker} a Scam Broker or Legit?

{broker} has been found to be a questionable broker. If you are looking for brokers, Fund Recall recommends you avoid this one. Since there are so many broker scams, it is best to use caution. Fund Recalls recommends you stay away from {broker}. 

Investing money is a major commitment. In addition to trusting a broker with your money, you also give them data. A scam broker can steal your money and your data or in many cases, both. It is essential to use care and avoid any broker like {broker} that raises serious questions. 

If you are in the process of selecting a broker, take {broker} off your list and select only a regulated and properly licensed broker. If you have already signed a contract with {broker} and have given them money, consult with Fund Recall experts to get a chargeback. If you have transferred money to them through your bank account, we can help you get a wire transfer so you can get your money back. 

If you have been scammed of your money by this broker, it is important to report the incident and work to regain your funds through Fund Recall. We have the expertise, familiarity with regulatory bodies, and knowledge of the process of retrieving money from scams. 

After an initial consultation, we will evaluate your claim and determine the chances of success. Fund Recall will ask for documentation so we can make your case and track your funds. We have advanced data tools that will help us discover the path of your funds, where they are stored, or what they were used for. We have a strong record of success in retrieving funds from scams. 

If {broker} Has Done the Following, {broker} is a Scam Broker and Should Be Reported

  • Refused to return money to the client
  • Charges random fees that were not agreed upon initially
  • Has a fake trading platform
  • Makes unauthorized trades
  • Refuses to execute on customer’s requested actions
  • Does not communicate or answer correspondence
  • Provides misleading or false information
  • Claims to have credentials it does not have
  • Has blocked your account or has made it difficult to log in
  • Has taken money out of your account
  • Offers a bonus
  • Pressures you to make additional trades after a big loss
  • Has an aggressive manner

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Why Is It Important to Report a Scam?

When people have fallen victim to a broker trade scam, their first reaction may be to feel embarrassed. Few people want to admit that they were deceived by a fraudulent broker. They may be told they should have sniffed out the scam before signing the contract. However, the indications are often buried in the fine print and even astute traders can get taken in. 

In 2019, $3.5 billion was lost to online fraud. It can be said that scams are a major “industry.” Even the most sophisticated investors can fall for fraudulent brokers and Ponzi schemes. The name Bernie Madoff comes to mind when people think about smart people who were duped by one major con artist. 

It is important to put the outrage over being duped by a scam to good use and reporting the scam. Talk to Fund Recall professionals about your experience and provide documentation so we can track down the scammers, locate your funds and get your money back. There is nothing to lose by pursuing the case and you can regain your losses. 

There is also an element of social responsibility in reporting a scam and working to recover your funds. If scam brokers were all pursued, forced to give back their ill-gotten gains, and suffered the consequences, such as losing their licenses or legal action, fewer people would try to set up fraudulent schemes. Reporting the scam and retrieving your money can be a deterrent against new scams. 

Fund Recall takes a systematic approach to research, evaluating and reviewing brokers. This process is helped by the knowledge and experience we have gained from years of dealing with fraudulent brokers and trading schemes. Also, Fund Recall examined reviews and customer feedback on X. We have come to the conclusion that prospective traders should be wary of X and should choose a legitimate, licensed broker instead. 

If you have been the target of X and if they have used deceitful practices, consult with Fund Recall professionals and tell us about your experience. We can begin the process of retrieving your funds and return them to you. Also, we can include this information in our scam broker reviews so we can warn others. 

Consult with Fund Recall today if you are unsure about X,  have suffered from a scam perpetrated by X, and wish to report them. We have the tools and experience to return your money to you and keep you safe from scam brokers. Second, no one should get away with lying to their clients and taking their money. For the sake of justice, cheated customers should not let the issue rest. 

Third, making a complaint about a scam broker can lead to action that can benefit many other people. If a broker is robbing funds from traders, it is important that they do not get away with it. Describing the behavior of scam brokers and identifying them will bring their actions to light. 

If X or any other brokers have taken your money from you, Trader Defense Advisory will work to get your money back.

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