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Being scammed by a broker is all too common. If it happens to you  – You must fight back!  

Online investing has become wildly popular. Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies are among the most popular types of online trading. It has never been easier to invest a few hundred dollars and use advanced trading tools and platforms that promise to create huge returns. When this is the actual scenario, it works out well for both brokers and customers.

Unfortunately, it often doesn’t happen this way. As often as not, people fall prey to a broker trade scam that will take a sum of money initially and will not only fail to provide a significant return on their investment but will refuse to return their funds. 

They may urge the customer that, instead of asking for their initial investment back, they should make additional trades they promise will be more successful. However, many of these promises fail to come to fruition. You will know a broker trade is a scam if the broker will tack on all kinds of random fees before you can withdraw your money or try to inflate their commission.

If your broker won’t release  your funds, It is important to do something today! 

Scammers work quickly and can take your money in a matter of days. Fund Recall works with people who have tried to work with legal authorities and regulators who are slow to respond. Our professionals will make the process faster. Consult with us now before it is too late! 

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In some cases, customers’ money is not being traded at all, but the so-called trading platform is nothing more than a video game. However, unlike a video game, the player never wins with these scam brokers. Working with a broker trader scam is like the worst stories about casinos–you may think you are winning for a bit, but ultimately, the house always wins. 

This list of scam broker trade reviews represent different investment vehicles and trading approaches, but the way their methods of fraud show similar patterns. Some on the list are more legitimate-seeming than others. It is easy to tell the difference between a low-quality website with hyped-up content riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. 

Some scam brokers have a flawless, professional-looking website, engaging copy, and a chatbot with a name that will provide attentive customer service. However, this professional appearance is only skin deep. Look under the hood and you may find more clues that this is not a legit trade broker. 

Look at certification. After all, if a broker is certified, everything is okay, right? It depends on where the broker is certified. Licenses should not just cover the broker where they are located but should also where their clients are. 

The license may be from the right regulatory agency and cover your location, but you should verify whether the license is real. It can be difficult to determine whether certification is real or not. Fund Recall experts can provide guidance and can verify brokers. It takes experience and familiarity with legit and scam trade brokers to be able to see through fake certifications. 

The other step to take before signing up for trade broker services is to read reviews. One word of caution is that many reviews are fake. There can be false-positive reviews created by employees of the sham company. There can also be fake negative reviews written by competitors. 

One way of detecting fake reviews is if they are not specific. A one-line review could be genuine, but pay special attention to those that tell a story. However, if at the end of the story, the reviewer touts a competitor or some other service, this is a promotion and not an actual review. 

Evaluating each review critically can take some time. This is why we have done the research for you. We have thoroughly investigated hundreds of brokers and have compiled this list of scam trade brokers. It is important to read these listings carefully before signing up with a broker and parting with money. Once you have lost money to a scam broker, Fund Recall can help you retrieve it, but it is easier to do due diligence before trading. 

Unfortunately, the people who use our services to retrieve funds were not aware their trade broker was a scam until they had already given them money. One of the first indications of a fraudulent broker is an unprofessional manner and poor communication. 

Fake brokers will push people to make trades before they are ready or will tell customers that the way to recoup losses is to make another type of trade. They may urge a specific type of investment class and will push customers to provide more money even if they don’t feel ready. Customers may go with this advice either because they want to recoup their losses or because the broker is reluctant to return their money after an unsuccessful trade. 

This list is helpful for anyone who wants to engage in online investing, Fund Recall experts have drawn up this list based on expertise and research into legit and dishonest brokers. You should always ask whether a broker trade is a scam before signing any agreement and consult Fund Recall for guidance in finding legit brokers.

Consult with Fund Recall experts to day to get your money back from a scam broker!

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