Fund Recovery Service

Recover Funds from Online Scams

Trading scams can happen to anyone. Take back your money with fund recovery experts.

FundRecall experts will listen to you and will create a successful claim for resolving financial issues with brokers, merchants, banks, and other parties. If you are working with a Forex broker who is refusing to release your funds, if you have a service dispute with a merchant or if a scam operation has absconded with your money, we are the right fund recovery service for you.

Fund Recovery Services

When you realize that the other party is not going to return your money willingly, don’t give in to that sinking feeling of despair. At this point, many people may give up because fighting to get a chargeback or a wire recall may seem like too much trouble. Victims of actual scams may feel embarrassed and may not want to pursue the issue because they are ashamed they got duped. 

It is relatively easy to get a chargeback from an issuing bank or a credit card company if your card has been stolen and there are unauthorized charges. It may not always be difficult to get refunds if it can be proven that the customer did not receive what was promised. 

However, many merchants fight tooth and nail to avoid providing refunds. The most challenging case is the absolute scam artist who disappears with funds.

Going it alone is too difficult. Whether the actual tactics are subtle or complex, those who manage to deceive people for years are skilled at the art of trickery. 

That is why it is important to recruit FundRecall professionals who have the expertise, knowledge, experience, and connections to spot scams before they happen, identify scammers who are hiding their identities, and trace transactions to determine where your money has gone. 

Our process starts with a consultation. We assess the entire situation and ask for documents that will help us make your case with banks and regulatory authorities. Once you have provided us with information and the entire story, we will embark on a full investigation and will create a report. Whether the process is simple or complex, it may take some time, but we will do what it takes to recover your money.

About Online Scams

Fund Recovery Process
Recover Funds from scams

For many people, the first reaction is to feel embarrassed. It is normal to feel foolish about falling for unscrupulous offers or services. However, this feeling should not discourage people from seeking recovery services they need. 

First of all, it is important to remember that scams can happen to people of every educational level, every social group, and every age. Financial scams and questionable practices are so widespread that it is understandable that intelligent, sophisticated people can fall for them. Just the mention of the name Bernie Madoff and his high profile investors who got cheated proves that anyone can be the victim of a scam. 

With people spending more time on the internet doing everything from studying, socializing, shopping, and making investments on the web, the convenience of the internet is undercut by the higher risks of fraud and theft. The faceless nature of the internet has made it attractive for crooks who can use a flashy website and enticing marketing copy to attract potential victims. 

However, while the internet may be faceless, it is not necessarily anonymous. Fund Recall experts can look behind the masks of the internet and locate scammers and fraudulent merchants. Although the blockchain is said to be anonymous, some methods can track people who abuse cryptocurrency to channel their ill-gotten gains. 

FundRecall has vast experience in dealing with the most common types of scams. We can help you recover funds that have been lost because of: 

  • CFD
  • Forex Trading
  • Bitcoin Scams
  • Cryptocurrency Scams
  • Investment Scams
  • Romance Scams
  • Other Types of Fraud

CFD and Forex trading has become the 21st century get rich quick scheme. This isn’t to denigrate legitimate Forex and CFD brokers who deal with clients who are not desperate for fast cash. However, those who want to trade CFDs and Forex should be extra vigilant in screening out brokers, given the plethora of these types of scams. 

Potential traders should ensure that these brokers are properly accredited. Unfortunately, it is easy to falsify documents. Many regulatory bodies have caught brokers who have forged or fake licenses. To be certain that brokers are legitimate, ask FundRecall to verify these credentials before signing up. 

Cryptocurrency is a major trend that promises to revolutionize the way people spend and invest online. Many people are attracted to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because they are not centrally regulated and provide supposed anonymity. This can be appealing to legitimate users, but unfortunately, is also attractive to scammers who want to hide their illegal transactions and launder their money. 

Fund Recall can identify those who try to hide behind the blockchain and investigate cryptocurrency scams. The path towards retrieving funds can be complex, but we will work to locate funds and return them to victims of crypto scams.

Report an Online Scam

If you have been a victim of a scam, it is important to report it. Not only does this make it more likely that you may recover your stolen money, but it is essential to prevent the scammer from perpetrating fraud against other people. Report the scam to the authorities and regulatory bodies. FundRecall experts will help you with this reporting and can help you make a claim against the entity. 

We make it our business to keep track of scams, and we know the variety of players out there looking for ways to take funds from unsuspecting consumers. We have effective methods of tracking scammers and also have enough information to notice patterns and identify the entities involved. FundRecall can also follow the transaction path and determine where your funds have ended up, where they were stored or what they were used for.

FundRecall has a proven method of recovering funds for clients. This process involves:

Consulting with Clients

We consult with clients and discuss the situation thoroughly. A client may simply want to verify a financial service or merchant to ensure they are legitimate. For those who are victims of scams, we will listen to the entire story and determine whether the claim is likely to lead to a successful result. When the claim is approved, we proceed with the investigation.

Collecting Evidence

After the initial consultation, Fund Recall asks clients to submit documentation that will validate their claims. This includes any contracts that were signed, communications, bank and credit card statements, and other documents that provide vital information so Fund Recall professionals can make your case.

Pursue the Claim

If the issue is a service dispute, Fund Recall will negotiate with merchants and banks and work to secure a fair refund. If the issue was money stolen in a scam, our experts will speak with legal authorities, regulatory bodies and will identify the scammers themselves to recover client funds.

Recover Money

At the end of the process, we will return your funds to you. Our clients are pleased with our track record of success and high rates of return.

Consult with FundRecall professionals today! Check out a broker, a financial services agent, or a merchant to ensure they are legitimate. If you have lost money in a scam, pursue your claim with our exceptional services and get your money back.